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I really wish my boss would stop sending me emails that include sentences which could mean two completely different things. She’s really casual when emailing me so it’s difficult to know when she’s being casual or not. For example, i’m supposed to be working tomorrow because she’s going to a meeting in london, and i got an email saying -

Hey lovely,

How are you?
Just sorting wages out from last weekend for you and wanted to check that I owe you for both days?
I so can’t be bothered to go to London!

Kind Regards
So does that mean that she isn’t going to London? or that she is going and she’s saying she doesn’t want to?
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im so fucking stressed out man fuuuck

I will come and save you soon. We can camp out and forget about everything else. If you would like that?

that sounds so perfect. im in scotland from the 15th august tho

Oh nooo! Perhaps a weekend in sepetember? 

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